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Jun 1, This article explains how to open the CD/DVD tray of Power Mac G4 Insert a paper clip into the manual eject hole, which is located on the.
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Now, starting with a clean disk, I used Carbon Copy Cloner 2. That would be simple to remedy anyway, since the G5 system restore DVD includes a Classic installation option. After two and a half hours of churning and listening to the G5 fans at full blast that's what happens in FW target mode since there is no OS to regulate fan activity , the operation was complete.

I unmounted the G5 icon from the G4, shut down the G5, removed the firewire cable and rebooted from the system restore DVD I had left in the computer hold down the "c" key at start up. When the OS X installer finished booting, I chose the Archive and Install option with preserve users to install a new OS while retaining all of my user settings. Then, with heart pounding, I booted the G5. It came right up with all my user settings, passwords and applications. Any "haxies" would, of course, disappear, so I just needed to reinstall Dave and Little Snitch and they worked.

Now, to launch FCP 4. Well, the docked bounced and nothing happened. So, I reinstalled FCP 4 and did the upgrade to 4.

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I experimented with just a few pieces of media I had on the start-up drive, and FCP was stable. I also noted that there were two installations of Safari on the system, one on the desktop where I had installed it on the G4 and another in the Applications Folder, which was a more recent version installed by the new OS I deleted the earlier Safari application.

As a note for other users who may try this one at home, remember that you might have to de-authorize certain files and applications on your old computer and re-authorize them on the new computer. This would include any songs purchased from the iTunes Store, applications which base their license on the host machine's Ethernet address, or applications licensed specific to a computer such as Quark 6. I do own Quark but since I am keeping the G4, it was not worth the effort when I had more pressing matters at hand. Now came the fun part-to descend into the belly of the beast-to rip into the G5.

It reminded me of my youth when my greatest joy was disassembling anything mechanical I could find. Put computer back together and the RAM was not recognized. Took computer apart again and reseated the new RAM. The second time did the trick. The hardest part of the hard drive installation was removing the four mounting screws that Apple includes by the lower drive bay.

I then slid in the drive, connected the two SATA cables, twirled down the retaining lock and the whole installation took less than 30 seconds. Disk Utility recognized the drive and it formatted to gigs. Now, back to the old firewire target mode.

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Something is quite different here with the G5s. Prior to the G5, firewire target mode only recognized the startup drive of the target machine. Now, any drives mounted on the target machine will mount on the source machine. So, my Hitachi drive came up and I just did a drag copy of the contents of the two G4 media drives. Several hours later, everything was there and I could resume editing with FCP. My problems began on that fateful day when Apple released QuickTime 6. Being the trusting soul that I am like one would say that if my favorite radio personality advertised a certain weight loss product, it had to be true , I installed 6.

Immediately, 6. Media confirmed that they could not get it to work either under 4. Later that same day, Apple issued a QuickTime 6.

Final Effects Complete returned and I became edgy of what would happen with Panther. Ed Note: Apple has released a patch to QuickTime 6. While it did not have a "do not open until 8 pm or next Chanukah, whatever comes first" label, I was very dutiful and did not open until after 11 pm to make certain that I was in compliance with Apple law in as many time zones as possible. I had already begun to feel better about Panther after Apple's release via software update of the QuickTime 6. Again, with heart pounding, I began the installation of Panther late on Saturday afternoon. I again selected the archive and install method in order to install a new OS and at the same time retain my user settings.

I also did a custom install to eliminate the foreign languages I did not need as well as iTunes already had the new version and iMovie. Installation took 20 minutes. Panther booted the first time-and much faster in booting than Jaguar. Furthermore, while FCP would launch, Compressor was grayed out.

This is to be expected in an archive and install since the Qmaster render engine is one of those system "haxies" that an archive and install deletes. I did a custom reinstall of FCP 4 and Compressor. Software update then found both the QT 4. Now, FCP 4 launches. Shut the computer off. Slide open the door covering the CD drive.

Just pull it down with your fingers, it will open. Find the tiny hole underneath the tray, on the front of the drive.

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Different brands have different positions, so you have to look. Insert an unfolded paper clip in that hole to 'push' the tray open. It will open enough for you to gently pull it the rest of the way. Just push it back closed when you get the disk out.

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Continue to hold those 4 keys until you hear the boot chime 2 more times, then release. If the drive still does not work - - You're out of warranty, I suppose, so you could just purchase a replacement burner, and install yourself. Replacing it yourself is very simple. Satcomer In Geostationary Orbit Jan 13, I ask this because you need to for the pop down drawer on the G5 to work properly and open.

Satcomer said: If you read the reports on Accelerate Your Macintosh's drive lasso you would know if you removed the drive's tray edge bezel many drives if left on will hang on the G5 case on eject. I forget that I have the set of different size 'nipples' that screw into a bottom of a G5 drive, which allow for the height difference, so I haven't actually needed to take the tray bezel off - but point taken My own G5 just 'barely' clears, but still has the bezel.

Thanks DeltaMac and others. I didn't even know that lid slip down!! I got the disc out easily.

I restarted and reset the PRAM, but the drawer still won't open when I push that open drawer key at the top right of my keyboard. I am not sure what this tray bezel is.

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That error message I reprint in my first post still appears, and when I used to use that key for opening the drawer, a icon would appear on my desktop, but not anymore. So, I guess it is my DVD drive that is bad. Would that also prevent me from opening the drawer from the keyboard? Just want to make sure it is my DVD player causing all the trouble. Many thanks You will now have an eject menu icon on your top menu bar. Click that to open your CD tray.

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There's other ways to fix this, but now you should be able to at least open the tray. I just did this, but when I click the little icon on my top menu bar it says: I guess I just need a new Drive! Any suggestions?