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If you try to play Diablo 3 on your laptop, you'll probably get a "video card not supported" error. However, there's a way to bypass it:1) Hit ESC when you get the .
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From the official page:[ [1] ]. Wireless results may vary. From the official page:[ [2] ].

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Blizzard tech support maintains lengthy lists of video cards sorted by High, Medium, and Low Performance. Refer to those for specific details of your own hardware:. Prior to the beginning of the Diablo III Beta test, and the ultimate release of the official system specs, fans derived information from any available source.

One useful data point was the machines used at game demos. Knowing the specs of demo machines at game shows isn't necessarily very useful for predicting the actual game requirements, though, as Bashiok explained in Most machines are lent to us by hardware vendors. It can also help, to a degree, overcome some potential technical hurdles we could run into with a pre-optimized build of the game.

Diablo III is made completely in 3D, using custom in-house physics and graphics engines. The game is currently native to DirectX 9, and will not require DirectX 10 to run. For a cleaner system, you package manager is the way to go as much as possible. Simple, if all you run is 2D productivity apps, you don't need that extra package. So Crossover doesn't insist upon it to run.

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You will still need it for games. Further, what if you are so inclined towards free software that you refuse to use the Nvidia blob closer to Fedora phylosophy. Should Crossover impose it upon you, just to run apps you don't need it for? I'm not saying this is ideal, but it is not unreasonable.

Anyway, if the above package still doesn't do it for you, do try to open a support ticket. Fist of all I am sorry for my harsh language in the previous posts. I am really confused and frustrated after 4 days of trying to get around this problem. No problems there. When I start the game though, after the launcher dissapears, i can see a Diablo 3. I really think I am missing something small here, I will be glad if you could help me find the solution.

Don't worry about the language, we all get to that point with one thing or another. Heck, that's even why I switched to Linux, as Windows was much more frustrating for me!

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Maybe a support ticket? Really, I'm not kidding! Konstantin Boyanov Posted: Fist of all I am sorry for my harsh language in the previous posts. You are welcome to ask for our Ninja who specializes in Fedora, Jack. It will likely be Jack and I that will help anyway.

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If I had to chance a guess I would say that there are still driver issues and would suggest that you are better off doing a full uninstall and reinstall of the Nvidia drivers. When you write in ninjas codeweavers. Now pardon me while I go download Fedora 16 64bit to see if it is indeed horrible to get the Nvidia drivers working.

Are there any troubleshooting steps known to correct this? Did you try to change some graphical options in game? IntelCore2Duo E 3. Which Windows version are you using?

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Which GPU model?? Please, details here your graphical options in D3. ATI make drivers hotfix in 2 days ;] nvidia do nothing after one week GJ realy Spent some time digging through the threads. Almost every reply I saw said this resolves the issue. I'm not at home, so I cant try it until later tonight, but even so..

I dont really like the idea of changing the core clock as a temporary solution. Very frustrating. Makes me want to change. You might want to look through the Blizzard D3 forums again. I seem to remember that there were some issues that were specific to Athalon CPUs.

Having this issue as well. Game freezes for a second, screen goes black. Windows informs me of Display driver failure then game comes back immediately.

This happens every minutes. My driver is current My bios is updated and current.

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  8. Otherwise, the game runs between FPS, so I know the card can handle it. I am at a loss now.

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    This is game-breaking for me, as it causes periodic deaths. I have a GTS Oh actually it is not the same. For me the nvidia graphics driver crashes ever minute or two. It is not playable like this : Any ideas what to do, to make it go away? The first thing they did was to update my BIOS.