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Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for Topper's Pizza and over other foods at Macaroni and Cheese Pizza (Topper's Pizza). Serving Size: 1.
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We have a pipeline of possibly dozens of interesting house pizzas today. Q: So what about the current pizza marketplace tells you that now is a time to return to this type of menu development? A: The customer today expects access to any kind of food they want, ordered any way they want, delivered any way they want, at any time they want. Restaurants, grocery, convenience, offsite, and everything in between has exploited this in the last few years.

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There are very few businesses of any kind that can stand pat on their offerings to customers today and feel confident that their model will work forever. Quality and variety in food is at the heart of what we do and how we differentiate ourselves from our fast food brethren. Today we can teach our customers very easily about new products because the majority of our customers interact with us digitally. They are excited to try new offerings that fit our brand.

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Q: Can you give me some examples of the items you're developing or have developed and how they are innovative? At Toppers, we have innovated a line of fun and bold mac 'n cheese dishes that customers love.

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That is a perfect example of innovating true to the brand, or being "Toppers-worthy. Mac 'n cheese is simply more fun than Chicken Tetrazzini, eh? We have just rolled out quesadillas, which are Mexican pizzas, Toppers-style.

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  • They're awesome and fit our operation perfectly. In the next year we expect to roll at least three more categories to the entire system to serve different needs, tastes, dayparts and demographics.

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    Q: So how do you gauge success with these types of offerings and what's initial customer response like? A: It is extremely positive.

    Sales show higher than expected adoption, and surveys indicate that they are building the right brand perceptions as well. Q: Nonetheless, do you think there's a risk that some of these items draw the brand away from its "pizza core"?

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    A: Of course. Anything we sell that isn't a pizza draws away from pizza, but the important thing to nail is a Toppers-true relevance. I don't expect us to be selling sushi or hamburgers anytime soon, that's for sure. But we are clearly adopting a direction of expanding the umbrella of the brand to include additional offerings our customers will love. If you base your diet on the suggested daily intake of 2,, then each slice of Toppers pepperoni pizza provides an average of 15 percent of your daily calories.

    If you are looking for a slightly lower calorie option, then you may want to try Toppers Pizza's cheese pizza. The cheese pizza at Toppers contains about calories per slice for standard mozzarella if you prefer to branch out into cheddar, asiago, pepper jack or feta, you're looking at extra calories per slice.

    Each slice contains eight grams of fat, with 31 grams of carbohydrates and 11 grams of protein. Two of Toppers other favorite menu offerings include their Mac 'N Cheese dishes, and their wings. If you're looking to pack in half of your daily calorie allotment in a Toppers meal, Mac 'N Cheese will help you in this endeavor:. As for the wings, individual wings won't set you back too much on the calorie side, but make sure you're keeping track of how many wings you consume at one seating, as that number can climb quickly:.

    However, ingredients may be produced in manufacturing plants that produce products containing gluten. Please use your discretion as we cannot certify these sauces or toppings to be gluten-free.

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    Please avoid these offers if you have gluten sensitivities or wheat allergies. We have prepared this list of menu items based on the most current ingredient information from our suppliers. We work to ensure that our items containing wheat products are known to our guests, but due to the nature of restaurant environment, there is always the potential of inadvertent contact with wheat products.

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    Print the available nutrition information for our menu and buffet items. Please note that not all items are available at all locations. Nutrition Calculator Would you like to plan your meal before visiting Pizza Ranch?