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Mac Technical Support. New Topic . 5d D3 Working on my MBP finally?!? I have to admit that I agree with all the people complaining about this issue.
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Simplify your life. Discord Modification Date: January 15, Requirements: Some of the features include chat rooms, game rooms, audio voice chat, paging, instant match-making, player searching, and seamless game launching. Scott Kevill Modification Date: May 21, Requirements: While it can be used for any kind of activity, it is primarily intended for gaming. It can be compared to programs like Ventrilo or TeamSpeak. Thorvald Natvig Modification Date: January 27, Requirements: Valve Modification Date: February 2, Requirements: In addition, clans or guilds who compete online can setup private TeamSpeak servers, allowing their fellow team mates to organize themselves and speed up their actions without having to spend their precious time typing text or instructions for the rest of their team to follow.

October 2, Requirements: Alessandro Levi Montalcini Modification Date: September 24, Requirements: The Client that every end user will need to download, and the Server. Only one person needs to host a Server that all of the other Clients will connect to. We anticipate this is addressed in the next OSX build. In the meantime, there are two different workarounds that may help! Running the game in Fullscreen Running the game in fullscreen should not have the FPS degradation above. This does limit some functionality, such as ease of tabbing out of game without redrawing your desktop and Applications.

The Blizzard Desktop App uses Flash elements as well, so minimizing this on launch can help. Select Close the Blizzard Window 4.

Click Done to finalize your changes. Glaxigrav 0 Mar 8, While Blizzard Tech Support staff regularly monitors and replies to this forum, it is not meant as a place to resolve complex issues, due to the nature of forums.

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If you need to submit a ticket, that option will be presented. These changes to the Blizzard website help us serve you in the easiest, most effective way possible. Players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, provide feedback and participate in on-going discussions on the Mac Technical Support forum. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with respect and courtesy.

As a reminder, the Mac Technical Support forum is not an alternative to the a support site ticket, telephone, or in-game petition queues. To request assistance, please contact our customer service staff directly. Machkhan 1 May 9, I've searched the forums for some guide on optimal settings but I haven't found a relevant thread.

I was hoping that someone might have some advice on the optimal settings to get the best performance out of one of the new MacBook Airs. Device detail: MacBook Air Retina, inch, Processor: It plays quite well, but I haven't seen a lot of action and it is a little jumpy in general when moving around.

I don't have a lot of time available for gaming and I suspect going low on everything and then choosing a smaller resolution will improve this greatly and I will tweak settings until I find something that works. But I thought maybe someone else has spent a bit of time doing this and could potentially save me some tinker time and help me maximise my time smiting evil.

Thanks in advance. Mnky 0 1d. I have to admit that I agree with all the people complaining about this issue Blizzard screwed us on this last update for Season 16 and forces your hand to get it working. Admittedly, Apple has done the same thing because my iTunes stopped working properly in Yosemite and I was told to upgrade to get it to work?!? Definitely worth the money.

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  • Here's how I play D3 now! Clear hdd space, enough to make a partition G. I still have like Gigs free after the new partition was created so I kept free disk space. Reboot and select recovery on boot up hold option at start up.

    Game Utilities

    Recover Yosemite to the new partition. Upgrade to El Capitan on new partition. Everything worked great! This stinks because it takes up hdd space but if you want to play on your mac Jagered72 4 Feb Feb 6 Running D3 in I see that, to my surprise, as of a year ago the minimum system requirements are OSX I do not plan on updating my OS, so I am wondering if this patch has finally broken the game for I understand it is not officially supported.

    Thank you. Boris Boris 4 Feb 6. Feb 4 Cursor not working I am not able to move the cursor on my game. Achilles 35 Feb 4. Feb 4 Black screen when starting up game following patch Hey, Blizzard. I updated the game this evening, and now I only get a black screen with a scrolling rainbow wheel when I try to open the game from the Battle. I tried restarting and the scan and repair feature, but to no avail. I am using my laptop keyboard and a Logitech mouse. Any help is appreciated; thanks! MortySmith 8 Feb 4. Feb 4 Season 16 not working I have Patch 2. Do I have to do anything special to make it happen?

    I had the Season 15 benefits. I mostly play solo. ZinjianZool 1 Feb 4. Feb 4 Where is the D3Prefs. I found the work around below but where is the D3Prefs. When I look in the folder below its empty? On the Mac: Go to your home directory i. Open D3Prefs. The one last thing I had to do was play it in windowed mode: Added Change in D3Prefs.

    This should prevent the black screen and initialize the first cut scene, you can proceed to watch it, or escape out of it and then you'll be presented with the login screen for D3. As long as you play in windowed mode, you should be able to play if you were running into the black screen. I click on Battle.

    It's been two days now, though, so I don't think it's happening. I went through the steps in https: I read through https: The next solution I tried was "Resetting permissions. Marmosette 8 Feb 2. Left to make dinner, came back and tried to start it up again and nothing. I just get a black screen with the spinning rainbow wheel and nothing is responsive. I've tried reinstalling everything, resetting the game options, clearing the caches, and everything else on the troubleshooting page here: The only other info I can give is if I try to launch the game while it it reinstalling before it hits the optimal zone, it launches zoomed in to the top left corner and then I get the same issue.

    Any help would be appreciated. Momonomo 29 Feb 2. It downloaded everything fine. But, the last mb will not be downloaded. I always get the message: Failed to download files from Blizzard. My mac is updated to the latest versions as well. I would be more than happy to hear any news on this. Best regards Givious 2 Jan Jan 22 Pixelated Graphics after upgrading to Some examples are the lights attached to buildings in New Tristram, and also Zoltun Kulle in any town when he's standing by Kanai's Cube.

    I don't remember seeing this effect after installing 2. Adeese 50 Jan Patch update loaded last night. Blizzard main screen opens. Do not want to lose my character. Donamatirx 1 Jan Jan 17 My client won't update My client is still 2. I'm connected to the Americas. I manually check for updates and it tells me my client is up to date but I see posts that 2.

    I'm running Why won't my client update to 2.

    Diablo 3 Vanilla Server?

    Silmarien 1 Jan I'm itching to get back into the game but my old D2 CDs don't work and I want to confirm that it works before buying online Angelofstorm 10 Jan Jan 12 Screen enlarging and freezing Screen on Mac enlarged and freezes when trying to pick new character. Jan 8 Cursor doesn't work Hi.

    We had problem. We got a new update and we wanted to play but while we are in game in full screen, our cursor isn't working its like stuck.

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    It react on clicking, but not for moving. In minimalist window is works normally. We got two MacBook and this problem is in both of it.